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COLLEGE HILL, Tactile Architecture 24, 50th Anniversary of the International Quilt Festival, Houston, International Juried. October 31 ‑ November 3
College Hill is a montage of photographs taken during neighborhood walks in 2020 when I was limited to a two-mile radius around my home in Easton PA.

FLORAUTOMATA: CAMPANULA STYLE AND STAMEN (montage), FLORAUTOMATA: LILY STYLE AND STAMEN (montage), HIBISCUS AND BUTTERFLY WEED: MACRO AND MICRO (silk wallhanging), CAMINO: THE ROAD TO SANTIAGO (quilt). Digital Art Gallery: 28th International Conference Information Visualization. Coimbra, Portugal. International Juried. July 22 ‑ 26

EASTERN STATE PENITENTIARY MIRROR, Long Beach Island Foundation, Loveladies, NJ. National Juried. Juror: Kim Conaty, Chief Curator: The Whitney Museum of American Art May 18 ‑ July 8
The Eastern State Penitentiary is a Philadelphia prsion that closed in the early 1970s and is now open for visistors with educational exhibits on American incarceration. The mirror shown here is at the intersection of multiple cell blocks at a guard station. Inkjet print on Exhibition Fiber paper.

HIBISCUS AND BUTTERFLY WEED: MACRO AND MICRO, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY, March 26 ‑ May 9
International, Juried, Juror: Sandro Tiberi, Acadmy of Fine Arts, Rome.
Hibiscus and Butterfly weed: Macro and Micro is a silk wallhanging that combines multi-scaled images of two species of flowers using macro photography and images from a Scanning Electron Microscope.

GEOMETRIC EXPRESSIONS, SAQA Virtual Gallery, curator: Pat Forster. Colorado CA quilt. Gallery online here.

QUILTS UNLIMITED, View Gallery, Old Forge, New York, Awards for “Best Machine Quilting” and “First Place Art Quilt.”
Juror: Pat Harrison, Certified Judge and Webmaster of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges. October 7‑December 2, 2023

DIGITAL ART GALLERY: 27TH Interntnational Information Visualization Conference, Tampere, Finland. JULY 25-28, 2023. Colorado CA with MIchael Chupa and Lilium with Leslie OBrien

BRIDGES 2023 EXHIBITION OF MATHEMATICAL ART: Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. JULY 26‑ 31, 2023. Colorado CA with MIchael Chupa

OUT OF WHOLE CLOTH: Virginia Quilt Museum Magruder Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA. April 12 ‑ July 8 2023. Architectural quilts from Barcelona, San Francisco and the Pennsylvania Pieces, Petals, Leaves and Eaves series.