Floral Fusion

Floral Fusion juxtaposes a yellow-green geometric ground of circles comprised of floral forms with a border of some of the same flowers: roses, daffodils, alstromeria and tulips set in maidenhair fern all tinted with a faded apricot orange. These are the underlying harmonies that create the container for an improvisational mix of flowers which, as in Baroque Dutch still life paintings that inspire this work, generate from all seasons, but evoke late summer, have flies and moths big and small, and employ scale discontinuities for compositional effect. The riotous explosion of color that dominates the composition is quieted by the gentler reserved tones of the ground and border with their textural riffs of pebbles interrupted by spirals, and maidenhair interspersed with fallen blooms. $7200 62h x 48w