Avian Queen

I spent several days in June 2018 recording details of Modernist Architecture in Barcelona for a series that would capture the spirit of the connection I felt for the city and Catalan culture. The Avian Queen is the first in a series of king and queen gegants quilts. The Barcelona gegants (giants) are wearable puppets that are a highlight of parades. I have superimposed this giant against a backdrop of the Casa de les Punxes designed by architect Josep Puig I Cadefalch. The iron arches of Gaudí's private garden in Park Guell morph and blend into the giant's wings; both live and ornamental birds are caged within the giant's torso. Oversized roses from the Palau Música's column capitals, designed by Lluís Domènech I Montaner, anchor the lower right corner and left middle, while other architectural ornaments from the Palau provide framing elements. $6000 37h x 35w